Excellent SEO Strategies For Execution In 2017

SEO Strategies for 2017
As 2017 flows through, there is a greater need to observe the market more closely for businesses to thrive. This will boost the incorporation of search engine optimization in web sites as SEO continues to change with top search engines like Google changing their search algorithms. It is not surprising to note the higher dependency of companies on SEO expertise to assist in the success of a dynamic SEO marketing campaign.

Without the professional assistance of SEO experts, companies may struggle to keep pace with the rampant changes in SEO requirements and practices. Hence, companies strive to put in place the least of basic best tactics and strategies which SEO offers. There are certain SEO strategies which businesses should be acutely aware of as they plow through 2017 successfully.

Enhance Online Experience

As more web users get on board the web daily to seek out what could delight their online appetite, businesses need to ensure a definite online experience for every web visitor to their site even if the ranking may not be high with search engines. It is an important business goal or objective to have every web visitor linger on the website to enjoy a higher business opportunity for the company.

Hence, the website must be easy to navigate with its attractive presentation and high quality contents that would lure more web users to its shores. There should also be interesting and relevant materials with attractive visuals or videos which would captivate web visitors’ attention to stay on that site or committed to return. Backlinks would also be a great SEO tool to direct web traffic to the desired landing page or squeeze page where potential business leads’ information could be captured for future connection. This would lower bounce rates and boost conversion rates where search engines like Google would take a closer look at the website with its higher flow of traffic.

Mobile Optimized

With the dynamic advancement of mobile technology, it is best to optimize the website for mobile web users as soon as possible. There are more and more mobile users who are getting on the web via their mobile devices. Dynamic mobile apps could be designed and developed to cater to the growing number of mobile web users in the market. It would be easier to identify potential business leads from a larger pool of web users from all sources.

Optimizing the website for mobile is now trending to become an essential marketing tool. The market is bombarded with new and advanced mobile devices that are sophisticated as well as innovative. More and more web users prefer to get on the web using their mobile devices than laptops or desktops. Hence, more mobile views are collected about the market today. Even Google adjusted its search algorithm to incorporate mobile responsiveness and mobile friendliness features which websites must have to be ranked highly.

Pertinent Keyword Research

Relevant keywords are essential in the optimization of a website to be considered noteworthy by search engines in their SERP listing. SEO is a highly recommended marketing tool which businesses should indulge in with search engines demanding its presence. Top search engines are more stringent in their indexing and ranking exercises where strong keywords must be aptly applied to accord high page ranking.

It will not do to stuff contents with poorly selected keywords without researching the market demand where changing consumer behaviors dictate the day. The market trend now is to use long-tailed keywords or relevant keyword phrases which are related to the topic or content matter. This would increase the chances of securing higher page rankings for a webpage by top search engines.

Essential Link Building

Good links on the site and to it are necessary and important as far as Google is concerned for high page rankings. Backlinks are deemed as dynamic marketing tools being a top ranking factor. Businesses must consider a strong link building strategy that would be effective in SEO marketing in 2017.

An optimized website needs to have quality links which would direct targeted or interested web users to the business shores for potential business opportunities. Links need to be updated or refreshed depending on marketing goals and campaigns so that search engines would augur higher page rankings to the site.

Voice Search Optimization

Another dynamic SEO strategy for 2017 is voice search. This comes about from the advance technology happening where voice technology boosts voice recognition greatly. More and more web users are using their voice for online searches as voice technology improves. This technology would benefit new user groups such as the physically handicap which could get online with voice activation.

Businesses today need to consider voice recognition, optimization as a potential marketing tool which search engines would consent to as part of search engine optimization features. Web users today prefer to speak out their search instead of typing it. Hence, long-tailed search terms need to be incorporated in contents for successful voice searches.

Site Speed

As more web users come on board daily, the speed of the website is a critical factor of attraction. The rapid changes in technology include mobile and voice technologies indicate the need to ensure faster loading, and delivery of contents by any competitive website.

Busy web consumers are concerned about receiving what they need quickly to make important decisions that would benefit the business or brand. Slow loading sites would cost the brand with lower traffic and sales.

Incorporate User Intent

The right SEO features should draw the right crowds to the website. Hence, business owners and marketers need to incorporate features that cater to the needs and wants or expectations of their targeted niche audiences. This may include choosing long-tailed keywords which their targeted audience would use in searching for their brand or products and services.
Such a marketing approach would augur well with targeted consumers who are more likely to convert into customers than being the casual browsers.


It may be difficult to identify the best SEO strategy without professional assistance for a company to stay ahead of its competition.

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