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snapchat for business

Progressive technologies in this era certainly offer lots of perks for businesses if they are quick to leverage on various marketing tools and solutions. This includes the growing popularity of Snapchat as a dynamic marketing platform just like other vibrant social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

A dynamic social media network could be manipulated to assist a business in its brand building and development in the market without high costs and long incubation periods. Many businesses in all industries today are deploying Snapchat to enjoy the quick benefits reaped.

There are certain aspects of Snapchat which could be manipulated as sophisticated marketing strategies to grow the business.

SnapChat Strategies

1) Specialized Content

Every modern web user prefers specialized contents which make them feel important and special. They become fans and followers quickly to the brand or company if they are satisfied with the contents provided by the brand or company. Such ‘insider contents’ are highly sought after as web consumers want to be the first in their contact circles to procure the information.

Marketers need to provide specialized contents which would make their targeted users feel like VIPs with exclusive access to the latest hot info which everyone is dying to get their hands on. Such an approach would connect the business leads and customers readily to the brand or marketer.

Marketers could be creative in generating specialized contents where the best of market or industry tips or tricks could be delivered to targeted niche audiences via 24-hour Snapchat stories. Fans and followers are likely to appreciate special insights to personal or career success with relevant and feasible advice that comes from the industry experts or market authorities.

2) Contests and Perks

Another dynamic Snapchat marketing feature is contests and perks which web consumers love to participate or receive. Fans and business mailing subscribers would be pleasantly surprised with free gifts, special perks and promotions such as discounts and giveaways from the brand or company. These simple and low-cost items are highly instrumental in building customer loyalty as well as converting brand fence-sitters.

Contests are very effective as they are easy to generate for any type of business. Simple contests on Snapchat with nice prizes are a huge lure for drawing more web traffic to the site. It could be a simple ‘Name the Product or Tagline’ with a picture of the product or brand. Fun and easy contests would encourage more web consumer participation if little time and effort is required to get the task done.

Marketers could ride on the popularity of Snapchat by announcing their online contests on this dynamic social media platform as well as on other popular social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter or Instagram. Attractive prizes would draw the right target audience to the brand and company through such contests.

Another fun event which could be executed on Snapchat to attract more potential business leads is a Snapchat scavenger hunt. There could be an offering of insider access or promo codes as well as discounts for all participants. This is a great opportunity to introduce the business and its offerings with more potential business customers towed in along the way. Creativity is the key in making a Snapchat contest successful with interesting sub-events that would hype up the market anticipation for the contest prior to the launching or closing dates.

Marketers and business owners could also indulge in sharing a daily deal through a special Snapchat referral or discount code with selected or targeted audiences that are likely to make a buy. Such vibrant marketing strategies would have more traffic generated to the site to widen the market presence of the brand.

3) Fans Engagement

Snapchat is a social media network whose users love to share their opinions or findings. This would be an excellent marketing platform for business owners and marketers to engage their fans and followers or even targeted potential business leads in contests or dialogue forums. There would be an active 2-way communication with targeted business customers through an active online engagement.

Marketers also benefit from the feedback received from fans and potential customers to improve their marketing strategies. Positive or favorable comments from loyal customers could be used as testimonials in upcoming advertising videos to boost brand presence in the market. However, marketers and webmasters must reply every enquiry, feedback or review from fans or potential customers promptly to establish a strong connection and maintain a professional display in providing stellar customer services before, during and after sales. This would make the fans or customers feel special to be part of the brand community.

4) Team Up with Influencers

The market has a great pool of influencers which helps to make or break the brand and business. Snapchat takeovers allow targeted niche audiences to access the business or marketer’s Snapchat account to create interesting stories that would promote and enhance the brand in the market.

As the advocates take over, the company account would seem softer in its sales promotions and there is a greater emphasis on fun and authenticity on the brand and business. This is an interesting marketing concept which marketers should venture into; it is like having the brand ambassadors promoting the brand and business at grass root level to win over more of the same kind.

Businesses could also team up with industry experts or the market authorities in a specific arena where the brand could be promoted subtly as part of the sponsor for the event. These would form powerful testimonials to boost brand power in the market without the brand or marketer blowing their own horn to pull in more potential customers for the business.


Snapchat could offer a higher growth rate for any business when its dynamics are properly understood to be leveraged on in a marketing campaign. Creativity with Snapchat will ensure a fun marketing campaign that would bring in the desired results without hardcore selling. This is a dynamic light-hearted angle to successful marketing which would benefit any business.


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