How to Use Negative Customer Feedback to Your Advantage



Not all businesses can remain on the customers’ good books all the time. There may be occasions where the customers are dissatisfied with the product or service to give a negative comment or feedback to the company. It is not the end of the world for the company to receive negative comments or reviews, especially if the company is wise to take advantage of these quickly.

Customer Feedback

Feedbacks from customers are essential to the continued development of the company on its brand or business offerings. Good feedbacks or comments on the products or services help to boost the company or brand reputation in the market. This would strengthen the market position of the company in its market.

With the advance technologies of this era, customers are able to offer their points of view to the company very easily. They could drop a line or more to the company regarding their product or service quality, range and pricing using any of the currently available technologies at their fingertips. Online feedback is very common today with the wide array of tools and solutions used by web consumers.

Customer feedbacks could make or break a company or brand depending on how well the company handles them quickly. Bad reviews or comments could damage the company reputation while good ones are likely to boost the image of the company or brand to become a household name.

Companies must always be prepared to receive bad reviews with a dynamic solution that would turn the situation around to their advantage. However, many companies are not well equipped to handle negative comments or feedbacks which could be detrimental to the survival of the business. Nevertheless, there are professional public relations (PR) experts in the market to assist in such situations.

It is imperative for companies to consider a dynamic online reputation management (ORM) which would be effective in handling negative feedbacks.

Positive Outlook

Many companies are unaware that negative feedback could be a vibrant marketing tool. It is not all ‘gloom and doom’ to receive negative comments or reviews for a company; rather it is a lesson to be learnt for further growth and development of the company or brand.

Negative comments or feedbacks actually contain important information about the company or brand to change or improve self to become more attractive and appealing to the customers or potential business leads. Careful attention should be rendered to the contents of the complaint instead of being focused on the complaint. Negative comments or feedbacks offer an opportunity for the company to hear what the customers want or expect of the company or brand. The comments could be instrumental in improving the business.

Both big and small businesses are likely to receive complaints or negative comments regarding the company or brand offerings. Companies could consider appropriate steps in handling these to maneuver their marketing strategies that would position their market competitiveness to greater advantage.

Compare Market Competition

Negative comments or feedback on a company or brand could reveal what exactly pleases or displeases targeted niche audiences. Managers and business owners need to focus on the market sentiments with close attention on the market competition. They should check if their competitors are receiving negative feedbacks as well or it is only the company.

Companies could learn a lot from their competitors, especially if the latter is performing well in the market with or without negative feedbacks. There must be a winning formula in the competitors’ marketing strategy or campaign which should be emulated. It is the wise company which would be humble to learn to unlearn and relearn certain matters that would put them on the right footing in the marketplace.

Companies could learn from the errors of their competitors and avoid them instead of suffering the same consequences. Dynamic companies could seek out solutions that would improve their quality of products and services from what is lacking in their competitors to be ahead of the crowd in their industry. This would boost the brand reputation to enjoy more sales and profits. Hence, the competitors’ weakness is an opportunity to win over customers and stay ahead of the game.

Benchmark Performance Against the Market

Negative feedback provides a good benchmark for the company’s performance or status in the market. It is quite an accurate indicator on how the company or brand is currently performing in the marketplace. Consumers are also comparing one brand or company with another to find the one they like to support.

Companies with negative reviews need to identify their market position with similar businesses in similar industries for a more accurate market positioning. In order to be a top performer, companies need to be ahead of the crowd with more to offer at higher quality and better pricing. There is always a benchmark in the market for every type of company or business offerings where free trades exist.

Spotting Patterns for Quick Changes

A rare negative comment is highly acceptable as it could be one unhappy customer who is vocal about the business offerings. However, if there are many bad reviews or such reviews tend to be frequent, it is wise to check the source of the issue. It could be a poorly designed business model which must be revamped.

A persistent pattern of negative comments with a similar focus should be a clear telltale sign of the wrong marketing strategy adopted that irks customers. It is time to nip the bud quickly before it develops into a more challenging problem for the company.

Train Front Line Workers

Every employee that interacts with customers must be properly identified and trained to handle all customer complaints and feedback. Stellar customer service are required to quench negative comments when great PR skills are exercised.
Front-line workers could provide customers with the right information that would educate them about the company or the brand before negative comments have a chance to sprout. Good PR is highly recommended to stay on the good books of the customers where friendly feedback could be solicited without turning it into the bad.


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